Monday, July 23, 2012

Survived Yellowstone

Still heading toward Seattle from the Hudson Valley on my mega road trip.  We camped a few nights in Yellowstone National Park and then headed down to Jackson, across the Tetons, and into Idaho for a night in a hotel.  Camping again the next couple of nights as we go into Oregon and then Washington for a visit to Mt St Helens.

Lots of geology to write about when I get home.  Here are a couple of pictures.

Old Faithful geyser- the symbol of Yellowstone.

The bison that kept following us on the backcountry trail (they are approaching rutting season which makes the bulls more testy so we were a bit worried for a bit).  He's on the actual trail we had just hiked up and we were in the middle of a large rolling sagebrush grassland.

The Tetons from Mormon Row (old homesteads).  The weather turned a bit in Jackson Hole so we didn't hike.

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