Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roadtrip Day 1 - NY to IN

So I was accepted to a professional development workshop in late July in Seattle.  Instead of flying out, like a normal person would do, I decided to tell my wife that we were packing up the car, and our two kids, and driving out for a multi-week "vacation".

I do know what I'm getting into since my brother-in-law used to work for Microsoft in Redmond and we've driven cross country numerous times.  I hate flying and I'm a geologist - there's a LOT of interesting stuff to see between the two coasts!  So, we got a housesitter for the dog and cats, packed the car (I don't think we could fit another thing in there), and took off at 7:30 this morning.

So today was the longest mileage driving day - over 700 miles from our home in the Hudson Valley of New York to a hotel in Elkhart, Indiana.  I intentionally scheduled a long drive today since none of us are really interested in enjoying the sights of the Southern Tier of NY and northern Ohio (been there, done that).  Too much like home.  We're anxious for the landscapes of the West.  Good thing about stopping here in Indiana is that tomorrow morning we quickly cross into the CDT time zone and get a free hour!

More interesting information than today's post to come in the days ahead (and pictures).  The only pictures we have of today are the kids playing with the camera in the back seat during the 12+ hour ride.  You don't want to see those!

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