Friday, July 20, 2012

Blogging and traveling...

OK, so I was nuts to try to blog every day of my road trip.  Can't do it, especially since I'm camping some of the time and out of Internet access.

Since the last post, I've been to the following places in South Datakota - the Badlands, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, Sylvan Lake, Harney Peak, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, Mount Rushmore, and the Black Hills area in general.

In Wyoming, we've been to the Bear Lodge Mountains, Devil's Tower, drove across the Powder River Basin, and are now at the base of the Bighorn Mountains.

Everything listed in geologically (and otherwise) interesting and worthy of a blog post.  I was trying to write only about the Badlands last night and found myself staying up to late (we're in a hotel in Buffalo, WY right now).  Got tired and had to go to bed.  Now we're off to Yellowstone with no Internet access.

So, instead of blogging I'm just going to enjoy myself (imagine that) and blog later sometime.  Until then I'll be on sort of a hiatus (with infrequent posts).  I also have an interesting guest post I'll toss up next week.

Until then, enjoy this shot from the top of Harney Peak in the Black Hills...

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