Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I should act my age

So today I'm all sore since Sunday I was crawling into some holes in the side of Joppenbergh Mountain in Rosendale looking for a possible entrance into some old mines that had collapsed over 100 years ago (not recommended - it's dangerous and blocks of rock larger than cars are highly unstable in places).
Joppenbergh in late 1800s from Rosendale Trestle

Front face of Joppenbergh today - Mines are buried

Then I went home and mowed my lawn and my in-law's lawn for several hours in the heat of the afternoon.  Yesterday, I go to a caving grotto meeting and spend a couple of hours practicing climbing a rope (frog style ascending, if anyone's interested).

Today I wonder why my back and quadriceps (thighs) hurt.  I'm doing this stuff with people 20 years younger than me, that's why.  I refuse to act my age.

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