Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monkeys in business suits

Oklahoma and Kansas are apparently battling it out to see who has the stupidest state legislators.

The Durant Daily Democrat newspaper (I had to look - Durant is a town in southern Oklahoma just over the border north of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) published an opinion piece by recently-elected Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen

Here's his article:  Brecheen discusses evolution and Darwinian Theory.

Looking past the bad grammar (the "its" vs. "it's" confusion really annoys me), he makes some amazingly stupid comments.  Biologists would be very surprised to learn that if the theory of evolution were true, monkeys would be expected to climb out of trees and put on business suits (since we don't see that, Brecheen claims, evolution is false, QED).  We also don't see insects turn into mammals - a bizarre idea the State Senator called "phyla cross-over" that's mysteriously been left out of biology textbooks.

I feel sorry for school kids in places like Ohlahoma or Kansas.  They're in for quite the shock when they get to a real science class in college.

There are many other genuinely stupid things in Brecheen's article - see P.Z. Myers amusing comments at Phyrangula.  There's no crime in being a moron.  It is inadvisable, however, to write newspaper articles to put it on public record.

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