Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy couple of days

Didn't post yesterday but I've been busy.

Went to Atlantic City with the wife Monday night - not because we're gamblers (we're low rollers and spent about $25 in the slots before giving up) but because we can get a nice hotel room cheap ($44 at Ballys on the 40th floor with ocean view) and get some time away from our kids (who've been really annoying lately!).

After the 4+ hour drive back on Tuesday, I went out to sit up all night with some heathens around a fire to mark the Solstice and celebrate the return of the Sun rising over the Hudson River (very apropos after teaching Ancient Astronomy this semester).  It's a connection to my Germanic pagan ancestry.

In between all of this, I had to read and grade final papers (some horribly written and one blatantly plagiarized) and calculate final grades.  Oh yeah, our carbon monoxide detector in the basement went off and we had to have an emergency furnace cleaning.  And our living room television went "pop" and is no more.

Like I said, busy couple of days.

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