Monday, December 26, 2011

Gastroenteritis for Christmas

One of the downsides of being the parent of young children is that they occassionally get sick.  Then they make you sick.  My 10-year-old son picked up a stomach virus last week and gave it to me just in time to have a low-grade fever all day on Christmas Eve and unable to enjoy all the good food and beverages on Christmas Day (a turkey dinner with all the fixings at my house).

On the positive side, The worst of it is only 24 hours and it's mostly gone after a couple of days.  I also lost a couple of pounds over Christmas weekend rather than gaining weight as I normally would have done!

I've been feeling bad about not keeping the blog active lately but really stressed over the last few weeks of the semester.  Hopefully, things will be back to normal (relatively, at least) soon.  I've been reading some interesting books lately on geology and hope to share some of that this week.

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