Monday, December 19, 2011

Ding, dong, the evil little dwarf is dead

Kim Jong-il, the evil little dwarf that has enslaved North Koreans for several decades has assumed room temperature.  The only sad part is that it wasn't the result of a bullet to the head.

The late Christopher Hitchens had an interesting article in Slate a while ago titled A Nation of Racist Dwarfs which is worth a read.

And here's the famous image from space of the Korean Peninsula at night.  See South Korea all lit up (especially Seoul).  North Korea is pretty much all as dark as the Gobi Desert (the one bright light in Pyongyang).

What I am completely unable to understand are the brainwashed North Koreans weeping and wailing because "Dear Leader" is dead.

Boys and girls, no one on this Earth ever deserves to be worshiped as a god.  No one.  Ever.  Anyone who wants this is an egomaniac asshole.  You'd think no one would have to say this.  Evidently not.  People are just naturally stupid and easily led, I suppose.

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  1. Why are they weeping? Because a) they've been taught and drilled that the bad things that happen are the fault of the Decadent West, and only the Great Leader saved them from worse and b) anyone seen not to be weeping and wailing will be suspected of being complicit, or worse still, some sort of enemy of the state.

    I understand they are all capable of clapping for almost an hour, because no=one wants to be the first one to stop...