Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lots of noise today about getting out to vote.

I always have a problem with the push to get everyone out to vote, especially people who are completely ignorant of the candidates and their positions and lack any desire to vote.  Personally, I'd rather they just stayed home (I'd rather they became informed voters, but I guess that just makes me an elitist!).

Lots of stories floating around about vote fraud lately too, especially with absentee ballots which more and more people are using rather than dragging their lazy asses down to the polling station (I understand if you can't but given the high numbers of these, many are using them for convenience).  I would support a national holiday on election day (substitute it for the ridiculous Columbus Day holiday) and tighten up absentee balloting.  They really do need to have people show ID to vote as well -- you have to show ID for all kinds of things these days yet anyone could walk into my polling place, say they were me, sign an illegible scrawl (my signature), and vote.

I'll head down after work to do my civic duty but I can't say I'm really excited about anyone on the ballot (there are some people I want to vote against, however.

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