Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog stats

On the left side of my blog, under the "Blogs I Follow", there's a stat counter.  As of this morning, I've had 8,521 unique visitors since I started the blog back back on December 29 of last year. 

I didn't really do any advertising so it took a while for readership to pick up and each month I have more and more hits.  The stat counter shows about 60-70 unique hits a day now.  Here's a recent visitor's map.

 Here are the top ten "popular" pages.

So, what should I write more about?  I'll discount "Earth at Night" because that's recent and this list will reflect the most recent post as popular.  Right Ascension and Declination and the Lunar Phases posts were popular so maybe I'll write more about observational astronomy.  Moh's Scale of Hardness shows up, I'll probably write about mineral cleavage, color, and other things from introductory geology.  When I wrote about Magical Mecca, there were a lot of hits from the Middle East at the time.  Dildos are always popular but I have the feeling people Googling "dildo" were highly disappointed to see a picture of me.

Want me to write about something?  Let me know, you can leave anonymous comments (I have to approve them but that's only to keep out the #*@! low-life spammers (I despise spammers).


  1. Could you share what you think of the GRE?

  2. Haven't really thought about it. I took the GREs many, many years ago and, if I'm remembering correctly, they even had a geology subject test back then (which I don't think they do anymore). Don't ask me my score, I have no idea anymore.

    I can understand GREs for graduate programs with competitive admissions - it's one way to help rank the candidates. And, honestly, I think it's a good idea for people with graduate degrees to have good verbal and analytical skills.