Friday, October 15, 2010

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

Oh my god, a UFO in the sky over Manhattan!

Watch this moron woman reporter for FoxNY News - pay special attention around 0:30 when they zoom in on FUCKING JUPITER AND THE FOUR GALILEAN MOONS!!!

Jupiter!  The bright object in the southeast I've posted about in the past and have had my observational astronomy students observe through  a telescope.

Jupiter!  The mysterious star with a "tail", and "two flashing lights" in a "broken pattern"?

Hey, bobble head, did it look like the this?

Was it in the southeast sky around 25-30° of altitude?  Did you seek out any advice other than the expert opinion of the local hot dog vendor?

It's not ignorance that pisses me off, we're all ignorant about lots of things, it's the chain of self-confident stupidity that reaches from the people on the street to the reporter to the editor to the producer of the so-called "news" organization whose idea of fact checking is their sense of personal incredulity.

As a society, we are officially dumb as fucking stumps.  What really pisses me off is that this idiotic reporter most likely makes more money than I do trying to educate people about the world around them (I guess that makes me the dumb one).  And people wonder why I'm cynical and pessimistic about our future.

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