Monday, August 23, 2010

Yeah, right...

In December, the community college where I work had a $219,141 reduction in funding from New York State that was applied in the middle of our academic year (our budget year runs from September 1).

For 2010-2011 Governor Patterson's budget will result in a $954,015 reduction in our operating budget - that's a 16.6% reduction in our funding from New York State [numbers are from a letter recently sent out by our college president].

Found out last week that TAP - New York State's Tuition Assistance Program (financial aid) - will go down by $75 a year at a time when all colleges have been forced to raise their tuition.

Community colleges often serve those students who would not be able to attend a traditional four-year school.  We serve underprepared students, place-bound students, adult students returning to school, etc.  We're open admissions - everyone is given a chance to attend and succeed.  If they can afford it.

So, when the New York State governor or state legislators talk about how much they value higher education in New York State, feel free to tell them they're full of shit.

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