Monday, August 30, 2010

Hmmm, beer.

Study after study has shown the moderate alcohol consumption is actually good for you.  One recent study showed that drinkers, even heavy drinkers, have longer lifespans than teetotalers (that's actually surprising!).

Beer consumption is nothing new for geologists, we're known for it.  Back when I was in school, no field trip was complete without the evening beer run and we regularly drank at our department colloquia on Friday afternoons (arranging refreshments was an official Teaching Assistant duty).

My only problem is that I like good, full-bodied beers - none of that "Lite" swill that passes for beer - and those beers have a lot of calories.

Many of my most interesting geology discussions were not in the classroom but over a couple of beers in a local bar.  I miss those days.

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