Thursday, July 16, 2020

Geology of the Hudson Valley book


Several years ago, I completed a manuscript for a book on the Geology of the Hudson Valley.  I developed this while teaching a summer field course of the same name at SUNY Ulster County Community College. I talked to a publisher and they liked the manuscript but wanted some more stuff for it that would take additional work and I didn't have all the figures I wanted, etc.

Then life intervened and the manuscript essentially got shelved. I used it for my classes but otherwise left it in manuscript form.

With COVID-19 putting everything on pause here in New York State back in March of 2020, I decided to get back to the manuscript, finish up all the illustrations, and publish with Amazon. Finished it up in June and it's now available to anyone interested.

It's written for the intelligent lay person who has an interest in the geologic history of the Hudson Valley. I promise that it is an interesting story.

Geology of the Hudson Valley: A Billion Years of History

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