Saturday, December 22, 2012

What people do when they're bored...

Yes, it's a dissected hot dog.  I have a weird family.


  1. We weren't bored; we were having lunch ;)

  2. In the UK here we have Marks and Spencer (M&S) stores which are noted for their good quality foodstuffs .... aha not the delicious smelling (food technology I reckon) burgers a few months ago, i don't eat much red meat but occasionally... when i broke apart the cooked item it glistened with little tiny cubes of ground-up gristle .. like diamonds.

    It went in the bin (tho smeeled good) and a letter written to their HQ.

    There is sooooo much processed crap in this country .....

  3. Actually thinking abt yr dissection, i read of the term 'connective tissue' a couple of years ago and think a lot of that gets into the grinder for all this crap and of course anyone thats worked in such a processing/ sausage factory never eats that product !

    To realise what haggis is composed of (ie trad scottish) is quite revolting and if you were to lay the pre-chopped items out on the bench vegetarianism would be immediate.