Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Classes are pointless

Cardale Jones is a freshman quarterback for the Ohio State University Buckeyes football team.
I suppose he can throw a football well, being a QB at a Big-10 school and all, but he's evidently a bit deficient in other areas (like intellect).  Cardale recently tweeted (his account has since been deactivated) the following giving his feelings about time-wasting pursuits off the field.

I suppose English class could have taught this dumb ass how to spell his name consistently, since he spells it "Cordale" on Facebook and "Cardale" on Twitter, but that's trivial.  Perhaps we could talk about how Cardale plays for a team that is currently under NCAA sanctions for various ethics violations of coaches, players, and community boosters.  Ethics, what's that?

Which contributes more to society?
It's unfortunate that our society values people who can throw and catch balls far more highly than educators.  I was born lacking that male gene which makes one want to watch guys run around messing with balls so I've never understood the attraction of organized sports.
Anyway, I've been also been feeling particularly frustrated with some students at my community college lately and I have to say I agree with Cardale.  Classes are pointless for people who have the intellectual curiosity of a turnip.  Go toss your ball Cardale.  Good luck and I hope a hard hit by a linebacker doesn't put an abrupt end to your football career.  If so, McDonalds is always hiring.  I doubt you're qualified for anything else given that you're squandering a full scholarship at an excellent university.  Which is really a shame since I personally know excellent students who would love to attend a place like OSU, and actually learn something, but can't afford the tuition.


  1. My feelings exactly. And the intellectual curiosity of a turnip ... I know how that feels. I teach a general science course (among others) at a small college with very low admission standards. No matter how much I try to arouse their curiosity, I am met with blank stares from most (but fortunately not all) students. Classes are not what's pointless for them, their very presence at an institution of higher education is.

  2. hello, your blog on so many points resonates with me !

    yes, that thing about wanting to run about with a ball makes me feel utterly sick in my stomach, like it did for every time it reared its ugly head when at school and the unthinking 'kudos' / hierachy that goes with it. I detest sport in all its forms, the Olympics are never on in this house, nor asny 'game' of any form! Also as well, i could never understand 'why' we play sport .... they get all excited and hell once its over never think about it again .... ugh?? ... game over ....I never knew the rules and was in a state of permanent confusion. I have this confusion thing about where I should be physically, so luckily for thirty years its either at my workshop or out in the wild places of this county.

    yes, electronics were big for me yrs ten to seventeen, short wave stuff, circuitry, schematics etc .... as was practical workshop (steam engines, lathes, wood and metal etc) ... generally always self taught ... and then it was freshwater biology with the microscope ie diatoms, plankton etc. Now its beeen Mandarin characters since 2003.

    have you seen the thread that runs from kieselguhr to Nobel to silicon wafers to space shuttle thermal tiles... its a major WOW ...... yet no-one in print gets at all horny ie makes the connection!!

    btw .... self diag aspi here.