Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leaving the Pacific Northwest

Turning point in my mega-road-trip from New York to Seattle and back.  Finished the workshop in Seattle and spent some time on the Olympic Peninsula.  Today (Wednesday, August 1) we left a campsite on Whidby Island on the beautful Puget Sound and started driving east and back to NY (via a scenic route).  Through the North Cascades and tonight is a hotel in Spokane, WA. Tomorrow, and for the next four days, we camp at Glacier National Park.

Cute sign on the road from Forks, WA to La Push beach on the Quileute Reservation.  I know far too much about the Twilight book after a couple of nights in Forks.

In the Hole-in-the-Wall sea arch along Rialto Beach on the Pacific Ocean

Tidepool starfish and green anemones

Vertically-bedded turbidites on Fourth Beach

Relaxing on a Pacific beach

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