Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday and, yes, another hike

I've had a very productive long weekend, at least as far as hiking goes, with nice walks in the woods on Thursday, Friday, and Easter Sunday (Saturday I went to someone's last minute surprise wedding which was very nice too).

My daughter made me go to church with the family in the morning (she's the only one I'd do it for).  I'm not the church-going type, I feel far more spiritual and aware of transcendence walking alone through a sun-dappled hemlock forest than I do sitting in a pew.  The crows teach me more than any sermon I've heard.  Yes, I'm a pagan.

Since we were going to me sister's for dinner later that day, and I knew I would overeat, I decided a hike was what I needed after church and went for another 6 mile walk on the Shawangunk Ridge.  Once again I was in a relatively isolated area of the Ridge (I took Undivided Lot trail to the end and returned on Laurel Ledge and Stokes trail if anyone is familiar with the area).  Even though it was a holiday Sunday, I didn't see a single person the whole time.

Undivided Lot Trail near Old Minnewaska Trail

I passed a trail to a place called Zaidee's Bower which is somewhere I haven't gone to but really would like to visit.  Problem is that I'm usually in that area by myself and the trail is described as having "...some very tight squeezes and requires the ability to support your weight with your upper body."  Not a problem for me but given that if I got in trouble there it would be days before anyone found me (especially since I rarely tell people where I'm going when leaving the house).  My family doesn't like hiking as much as I do (and wouldn't want to go here since it's a few miles and few hundred feet elevation gain from any trailheads) so I'll have to find someone else accompany me to this place.

How long until they find my body if I slipped and fell down this crevice?

Here's my question for the day.  Why does some dead wood turn green?  Not as clear in this photo as it is in real life, but this stick (birch?) was a deep blue-green color - almost the color of oxidized copper.

Here are some pretty flowers I saw (my flower field guide sucks so I once again have no idea what these are).

I also saw a very nice mourning cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa).

Tomorrow it's back to work where I have to deal with two different student issues.  Can't wait.

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