Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Friday thoughts

Yesterday I saw the following on my StatCounter.  111,111 Unique Visitors.  Cool.  Must mean something in the cosmic scheme of things right?  Numerologically, the number 1 is great!  This will be a good day, I can feel it.

Haven't been getting much sleep this week for some reason so I have to watch what I type.  When I get overtired I'm apt to say inappropriate things.  I told my students one of my favorite mnemonics this week - "Kinky People Come Over For Good Sex."  Can you tell what it helps you remember?

Not helping my sleep situation is the fact that we adopted a 5 month old kitten this week.  It's been living in my wife's and my bedroom since it's still skittish of the dog (a very jealous dog since the kitten has been the center of attention).  My wife had the bright idea of getting a collar for the kitten with bells.  Ever try to sleep at 4 am with a jingling kitty racing over your head (literally racing over your head)?

Ugly little beast, isn't he?  Damn thing sleeps during the day when people are out and wants to play in the middle of the night.  If he doesn't watch out, I'll toss him outside and let they coyotes chase him.

Today is the end of the fifth week of classes.  One of my courses has an exam next week and some assignments due (online assignments through a package that come bundled with the textbook).  Assignments that were assigned on the FIRST day of class five weeks ago.  A student sends me an email tonight.  Doesn't have the correct book.  Hasn't done the assignments.  Whatever are they to do?  Ummm.  Let's see.  You completely ignore the course syllabus, handouts given on the first day of class explaining how to access the assignments, web site for the course with copies of all this material, constant reminders about this in class for the past five freakin weeks, you don't talk to me until practically the night before it's due, and I'm supposed to do what?  Give an extension?  Nope, sorry, get the access, do the damn assignments over this three-day weekend, or get a zero.  Real simple (and that's exactly what it says in the course syllabus).  We're not in high school anymore. Right mean bastard, aren't I?  Doing my part to teach the younger generation the value of personal responsibility.

Today I also told a class that I assigned a final paper for their benefit, not mine.  They laughed.  I explained how they need to learn to research (beyond Wikipedia) and write better - do they really think I enjoy reading 30 ten-page papers during finals week?  I could just give them a Scantron multiple choice exam instead and no one would care.  Except my conscience.

Hard to believe I am a past winner of the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, isn't it?  Telling my students mnemonics about kinky people having sex, having no sympathy for their textbook mishaps, and mocking their most excellent writing skills.  Easy to believe I have tenure, though.

After driving to Albany and back this afternoon (an hour plus each way), I stopped at Starbucks for a venti skinny caramel macchiato and whipped out my laptop to write up a blog post on a geological topic.  Went to search for an image I needed in Google.  Guess what popped up?  A picture in a post I wrote about this exact same topic in the summer of 2010 on this blog.  A post I had completely forgetten I had written.  The exact same topic.  I would have used the exact same image.  Pathetic.  Sometimes I wonder about early-onset dementia.  Deleted the post I was working on.  Sigh.  The coffee was good though.

Friday - I really look forward to a tall, cold glass of ale.  I have no classes Friday, I get to work on Department Chair administrative bullshit the entire day.  The only time I allow myself adult beverages is Friday after work when I go visit Meghan, my favorite bartender.  I think I'll go for the pint of Sam Adams Winter Lager.  I can taste it now.  Mmmm, beer.  No, I'm not a role model for young impressionable minds.  Never wanted to be one either.  I'm rambling, can you tell?  I do that when I'm overtired as well.  Rambling and saying inappropriate things.  Hell of a combination, isn't it? Gets me into trouble every time.  Hey, am I still typing?  I don't really have anything to say anymore.  Let's see - complaints about students, lust for beer, pretty bartenders, kinky sex - nope, think I have it covered for today.
Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the three-day weekend!


  1. Love the mnemonics. Kids are studying Kingdoms right now, but I think I will use "Stupid Goats Fall Off Cliffs Poor(Dumb)Kids" for right now :)

  2. Taxonomic classification. :) Good call on the Winter Lager. I am enjoying a Sam Adams Imperial Stout. Delicious.

  3. The one I always shared with my students was "Kings play chess on family grave stones." One of my students came up with "Kids puke chunks on fat Gramma's skirt," which had me chuckling for the rest of the period.

  4. Dr. Lemmon failed to share that mnemonic with my class. I just came up with my own "Kids Pick Candy Over Fruits and Greens Sometimes." It is still working for me.