Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

It's officially 2012.  Happy New Year everyone and may it be a better year than 2011!

I've been blogging for two years now - my first post was on December 29, 2009.  In that time, I've had 502 posts (an average of one post every 1.5 days - not bad!).  I've also had, as I write this, over 89,000 unique visitors and my stat counter says I generally have over 200 unique hits each day.  Not bad for a blog I don't really advertise in any way.

It's funny keeping a blog because sometimes I love writing and have multiple posts I could do each day and other times I'll go for a week or more and can't really think of anything I want to write about.  Usually, once I start writing, however, I can keep going - the trick is in starting!

Notice that I don't have any advertisements on my blog - it's entirely commercial free (other than occassional links to Amazon when I mention books).  That's by intent.  Sometimes people send me unsolicited requests to set up advertising on my blog.  I delete those emails.  I really despise how some very good blogs are completely cluttered up with intrusive advertising (including obnoxious pop-ups).  I've even quit reading some blogs because they load so slowly with all the crap running on them.

I also generally write about only what I want to write about.  Sometimes I get emails suggesting things to write about and I generally ignore those too.  If you pay me, I'll write what you want me to write.  Otherwise, I do what I want.

Guess I'll keep it up for a while longer...

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