Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Geocentrism refuses to die for some religious loons

The Chicago Tribune had a story yesterday about a group of religious loons (Catholic, this time) who just can't come to grips with reality (Some Catholics seek to counter Galileo).

You know what?  They're correct.  Hell, they don't even go far enough!  There are many Biblical verses that clearly support a flat, geocentric Earth supported on pillars - here's a list.  This is the real Biblical cosmology that should be supported by all Bible-believing Christians:

If you don't believe this, you're just a heathen in the fast-lane straight to Hell.


  1. No doubt you will remain a provinical community college professor in a rural area of the mid-Hudson Valley.

  2. Well, I know where I'll be heading. Can we car pool?

  3. sweet reality and bible thumping people do not share the same universe-the world will be a better paradise with more professors like you across the globe-looking at life with out the rose colored glasses!

  4. More info on our geocentric universe here:


  5. Strangelove I read your posts and haven't laughed this hard in ages. The fact that your belief in a book of fairy tales is your use of evidence as well as a few conspiracy videos makes you look like a full on retard. Seriously, it's so embarrassing. Your delusional belief in a book written by a bunch of desert dwelling rapists and slave owners thousands of years before humanity grew up is evidence enough that anything you try to prove by using that book, the truth will be the opposite. If the Bible said water was dry you would believe it. So the Earth was built by the invisible man in the sky and is limited to puny concepts like pillars holding a flat Earth up. Or that the Earth is the center of the universe and stars are windows to heaven or something as ridiculous? If there is a God, do you think the concept of the universe and Earth would be as simple as that? I bet you're afraid of evolution for the same reason. You must literally think God built Adam out of clay and Eve from his rib. This is why Christianity is a joke. It's simplified explanations of the universe for simple minded people. Enjoy living in make believe la-la land. I will enjoy living in reality with the rest of the human race.