Saturday, April 2, 2011

Interesting academic priorities

Rutgers university recently paid Nicole Polizzi - "Snooki" of Jersey Shore fame - $32,000 to give an hour-long talk about hairdos and partying.

Rutgers will pay Toni Morrison - a world renown author - $30,000 to give their commencement address (a bit less money).

Snooki is a former Vet Tech student at SUNY Ulster County Community College (I never knew that before - I found out in this story).  Morrison has an M.A. in English from Cornell and won a Nobel Prize for literature (in addition to many other prestigious awards).

I'll refrain from commenting but it certainly does not surprise me given what society values today.

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  1. As a fellow community college teacher, I'm pleased that our students are finally getting the recognition they deserve!'s not April 1 anymore, is it?