Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Came home to this on our portable whiteboard.  What are my ten-year old children mocking?

Why the infamous crocoduck, of course!  Kirk Cameron, a teen actor in the series Growing Pains some 25 years ago, is currently an Evangelical Christian and friend of evangelist Ray "Banana Man" Comfort.

Kirk and Ray introduced the crocoduck to the world in 2007 during a televised debate on ABC's Nightline on the existence of God.  They claim that since we don't see crocoducks, there is no such thing as transitional evolutionary forms, evolution is therefore wrong, and God exists.  QED.  Or something like that.

Here's a clip of the Bill O'Reilly Show where Cameron again references the crocoduck.  You might want to fast forward up to 2:05 to see it if, like me, O'Reilly irritates you.

The crocoduck is now an Internet meme.

A meme denoting almost unbelievable stupidity on the part of young-Earth creationists who pontificate on evolution yet don't understand even the rudiments of high-school-level biology.  I guess Kirk was on the set of Growing Pains while his peers were stuck in school learning about science.

Anyway, if I have any young-Earth creationist readers, trust me on this...  Don't use the crocoduck as an argument against evolution - it truly makes you look like a dumb ass.  Even intelligent ten-year-olds will mock you.


  1. I'm a Geology TA at a small Midwestern Christian college, and some of the students in my lab (who are just taking it for a physical science credit) have YEC views. It is truly a pain in the ass when they come to me after lab to ask about the flood, or the age of the earth, or evolution. The worst part is, they come up to me and ask me politely what my views on these issues are, so I kindly explain it in the best terms that they can understand, and after nodding at me they'll recommend that I visit the Creation Museum.

    Pretty soon, I begin banging my head against the nearest wall, while silently hating all the homeschooling mothers who decided to take their children there.

  2. Kirk came to a public Druid event in LA and secretly videotaped the people there and then posted it in hopes that attendees would lose homes, kids, jobs etc.

  3. I was taught in public school that birds evolved from dinosaurs...so maybe the crocoduck is a missing link...think about it though evolutionists believe that t-rex evolved into a chicken or bird so crocoduck could theoretically be possible...i mean what dinosaur did ducks evolve from?