Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vancouver riots

Not related to science or education, the two things I normally write about, but I have to comment about some horrifying pictures I saw online the other day.  They were images of the rioters in Vancouver after the loss of the Canucks.  View them here.

I convinced this could have, and has, happened in most cities here in the U.S. as well.  Looking at these images, I can't help think of events like Kristallnacht (I'd bet serious money that almost none of these rioters could even tell you what Kristallnacht was).  While 1938 may seem like ancient history to these morons in Vancouver, it was only 73 years ago.  There are plenty of people today who were alive then (albeit small children).

With the right charismatic leader, and worsening economic conditions, we could easily channel the anger of these stupid, ignorant young men and women into attacking and killing jews, or mexicans, or muslims, or gays.  Why not, given what they'll do over a stupid hocky game?  We haven't changed all that much in just a few decades.  Ethnic cleansing and genocide still happen today and those who carry it out are little different from us.

By the way, if I recognized anyone in those photos, even my own child, I would call the police and turn them in.  I would hope other good people will do the same.

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  1. Your observations and analysis of the riots have put me in a state of some deep thinking.

    You're right, this could have escalated into something more horrific. But thankfully not this time.