Friday, January 14, 2011

What's your horoscope?

Still think there's something to astrology (see yesterday's post)?

Here are the horoscopes for Friday, January 14 from Cafe Astrology - a popular astrology website.  Problem is, I mixed them up and blocked out identifying information (names of signs, the Moon, Sun, and planets in the chart).  Read each and decide which best describes you today:

1. Work is beneficial today, and you are likely to find that others tend to go along with your plans, if not outright support you. While smooth energy is with you now, it is better not to rest on your laurels. Instead, keep the momentum going by really applying yourself to various work projects. Pats on the back can occur today, but even if they don`t, you are bound to feel good about your level of productivity.

2. You may be able to get away virtually unnoticed today, which may not sound like a good thing, but it's likely to be a desire now, dear ###. You are quite happy to escape pressuring situations and people, as the need for time to recoup is strong. You need a space to call your own, both physically and mentally. Intuition runs high right now.

3. You can make pretty much anything you want with this day, dear ###. The ### is in your sign and largely free of major influences, allowing you more flexibility, save for a harmonious aspect to the Sun, which only serves to support your endeavors. You quite easily take the lead or do your own thing, and others either follow or stand out of your way.

4. This should prove to be a pleasurable day, dear ###. With an unusual emphasis on your sign and the ### occupying fellow ### sign, ###, the power is in your hands to make what you want out of the day. You are more able to voice your ideas and thoughts, and the reception is positive. Others are listening. Not only that, they're supporting you. Creatively speaking, you are in good form.

5. Communication should be a breeze today, dear ###, particularly when it's one on one, so do what you can to take advantage of this positive energy. It's not the time to rock the boat, however. It's better not to bring up deeply provocative issues due to today's ### Moon's dislike for complications, but with a gracious, easy manner, you will be able to push the envelope a tad, and you'll be better off for it. Keep things light but meaningful.

6.  A strong day for all things practical, and especially for managing your finances and moving your career forward, is in store, ###. You are feeling emotionally grounded, and any activities that keep your feet on the ground will help you to take advantage of this solid feeling. You're also likely to find that others are supportive or, at the very least, cooperative.

7. You'll find easy energy today for social interactions, dear ###. The ### in harmony with the ### is an extra special aspect for you because the ### is your ruler and finds support in the magnificent ###. You might receive ego boosts today. What you do and what you feel are in harmony, and this allows you more clarity. It is also a good day for personal relationships.

8. You need to clear out some of the dead wood in your life right now, dear ###, and today is an excellent time for doing so. Holding on to grudges can be toxic in the long term (and even in the short term!), and it would be wise to figure out how you can finally let go of resentment that is preventing you from how to move forward. Today, you are more likely to be able to see into yourself with increased clarity.

9. An easygoing, non-competitive day is in order for you now, dear ###. Do what you can to conserve your energy for busier days to come. Yes, you are allowed to be "lazy" today! As your mind is always busy even when you are not energetically active, turn your thoughts to long-term plans, as this is a good time for applying strategy to your thinking

10. ### is now moving through your sector of values, personal finances, security, and possessions, and will continue to do so until ###. This brings very reasonable, logical, and practical energy to your life. It's an excellent period for going over your finances, as well as for taking better care of prized personal possessions. You are valuing simplicity in your communications now too, and if you can find practical use for what you study or learn during this cycle, you'll be all the more interested. It's a good time to truly absorb information.

11. Your social and communication sectors are highlighted today, with easy energy flowing between them, dear ###. This suggests good energy for working with others or simply enjoying their company. You are open to new ideas and are likely to find socializing an excellent channel for discovering new ones today. If you are in need of a team member or companion, it's a great day for rallying support.

12. Smooth energy is with you today with an emphasis on fellow ### signs, ### and ###. This subtly enhances your energy levels as well as likability, as others are tuning in to the types of qualities that you most naturally express when you are simply being yourself. This makes it a good day for asking for what you want, or for more effectively pursuing your desires - others tend to support you or at the very least stand out of your way without question. Express yourself creatively without inhibition.

So, can you find your sign?  Or are these "predictions" just so general and vague that several might apply to you today?  If you're interested, I placed the answers in the comments below.


  1. Listed by sign:

    Aries = 6, Taurus = 3, Gemini = 9, Cancer = 7, Leo=1, Virgo = 12, Libra = 8, Scorpio = 5, Sagittarius = 10, Capricorn = 4, Aquarius = 2, and Pisces = 11.

    Listed numerically:

    1 = Leo, 2 = Aquarius, 3 = Taurus, 4 = Capricorn, 5 = Scorpio, 6 = Aries, 7 = Cancer, 8 = Libra, 9 = Gemini, 10 = Sagittarius, 11 = Pisces, and 12 = Virgo.

  2. Hey, just curious if you saw CNN's article today: